PostgreSQL Community Leader Bruce Momjian to Deliver EDB Webinar on What’s New in PostgreSQL

Release Date

The PostgreSQL Global Development Group is planning a series of performance improvements and enhancements to speed queries for PostgreSQL. The new features and capabilities Momjian will discuss during the webinar include:

  • Parallel sequential scans, joins, and aggregates
  • Elimination of repetitive scanning of old data by auto-vacuum
  • Synchronous replication allowing multiple standby servers for increased reliability
  • Full-text search for phrases
  • Support for remote joins, sorts, and updates in the Foreign Data Wrapper for Postgres (postgres_fdw)
  • Substantial performance improvements, especially in the area of increasing scalability on servers with many CPUs


DATE:     Tuesday, September 20, 2016

TIME:     8am EDT and 1pm EDT


  • 8 am EDT webinar, click here
  • 1 pm EDT webinar, click here

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