Tim Berners-Lee to Deliver Keynote at Postgres Vision 2019

Date -2019-05-23 Location - BEDFORD, Mass. The inventor of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee, will deliver the keynote presentation at the fourth annual Postgres Vision event from June 24-26 in Boston. He has received The Turing Prize, called the "Nobel Prize of Computing," which is considered one of the most prestigious awards in computer science.


His talk, “A Look Ahead Into the Future of Tech,” will view our next, un-imagined future and what that will mean for business and society. Berners-Lee looks beyond the technology itself and into the real transformative impact these technologies are having and will have in the years ahead, including open source software, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, power of data, the impact of security and privacy and his new project to re-decentralize the Web, Solid. 


The Postgres Vision event is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to connect, collaborate and network with Postgres thought leaders from around the globe, bringing together IT professionals, developers and supporters. Attendees will hear about leading implementations from users around the world and gain a deep understanding of the Postgres open source database management system.


Other speakers include leaders from the Postgres community, such as:

Bruce Momjian, co-founder and core team member of the PostgreSQL Global Development Group

Dave Page, PostgreSQL core team member

Robert Haas, PostgreSQL major contributor and committer

Andres Freund, PostgreSQL major contributor and committer


Attendees will learn how today’s IT leaders are using Postgres to build smarter, more productive businesses hearing real-world stories of how Postgres is helping companies outmaneuver competitors, reduce costs and invest more in their own innovation.


Expert presentations will offer best practices for taking ‘Postgres Everywhere’—on-premises, public and private clouds and containers with sessions on optimizing performance and security, DevOps, data storage, microservices, Kubernetes, Graph database, PostGIS location and mapping, migrating from Oracle to Postgres in the cloud, as well as performance benchmarks comparing Postgres and MongoDB.


Notable speakers include:

Ed Boyjian, president and CEO of EnterpriseDB 

Alvaro Hernandez, founder of Ongres

Craig Kerstiens, head of cloud, Citus Data/Microsoft


The full registration fee is $399. There is also a full-day, extensive training session on deploying EDB Postgres Containers for $250 - limited space available. The training and conference bundle is being offered for $649.


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