Vonage Selects EnterpriseDB

Date -2006-11-20  

Leading Broadband Telephony Provider Lowers Database Total Cost of Ownership; EnterpriseDB's Ability to Run Oracle Applications Key Factor in Decision


ISELIN, NJ, Nov. 20, 2006 - EnterpriseDB, the world's leading enterprise open source database company, announced today that Vonage, a leading broadband telephony provider, has deployed EnterpriseDB Advanced Server. Vonage plans to implement EnterpriseDB to support a number of different applications over time. EnterpriseDB also announced that Vonage is replacing MySQL with EnterpriseDB for some of its database applications requiring enterprise-class reliability and scalability. More information about EnterpriseDB and free downloads of EnterpriseDB Advanced Server are available at www.enterprisedb.com.

"Vonage continually seeks to provide its subscribers with the best possible customer experience by investing in cost-effective, high-quality technology, such as EnterpriseDB Advanced Server," said Tim Smith, president, Vonage Network. "EnterpriseDB's ability to run applications written for Oracle was a key factor for us. This compatibility reduces the time, risk and expense to move selected applications to a new, significantly less expensive database alternative. In addition, EnterpriseDB is very attractive given our reliability and scalability requirements."

Improved Reliability and Scalability for Customer Support Application

Vonage is in the process of deploying a new customer support application on EnterpriseDB in order to benefit from EnterpriseDB's robust reliability and scalability. Vonage's Advanced Technical Support Group is currently conducting a live pilot for this application within its Tier-3 customer support department. As part of the pilot, Vonage's Tier-3 customer support agents are entering and maintaining live customer trouble-tickets using EnterpriseDB. Vonage is concurrently investigating which of its applications should be moved from MySQL to EnterpriseDB to cost-effectively address growing scalability and performance requirements.

Built on PostgreSQL

EnterpriseDB enhanced PostgreSQL, the world's most advanced open source database, to create EnterpriseDB Advanced Server. These enhancements enable EnterpriseDB to be compatible with Oracle, run 50% faster than native PostgreSQL, and retain PostgreSQL's legendary stability and reliability.

"EnterpriseDB customers re-use their existing Oracle applications yet benefit from substantially lower prices and renowned technical support," said Andy Astor, chief executive officer, EnterpriseDB. "Every enterprise running Oracle should examine the advantages of supplementing or replacing their Oracle infrastructure with EnterpriseDB."

About EnterpriseDB Corporation

EnterpriseDB develops and supports EnterpriseDB Advanced Server, an enterprise-class relational database management system (RDBMS) that is built on PostgreSQL, the world's most advanced open source database. EnterpriseDB Advanced Server is compatible with Oracle applications, has the reliability and scalability necessary for high-volume, mission-critical enterprise use, and is very affordable. EnterpriseDB has offices in the U.S., Europe, and Asia and is the world's leading provider of enterprise-class PostgreSQL-based products and services. EnterpriseDB was founded in March, 2004, and is headquartered in Iselin, N.J. For more information about EnterpriseDB and free downloads of EnterpriseDB Advanced Server, please contact +1-732-331-1300 or visit www.enterprisedb.com.

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