Open Source Contribution Policy

EDB is committed to support open source as a technology, as a movement to enable innovation, and as a team sport. EDB encourages all of its employees to contribute to and to participate actively in open source projects and communities.

Sometimes, open source contributions and EDB proprietary work may overlap, or may even be in conflict with each other. To make sure that we handle such situations pro-actively, we ask that all employees ensure that their participation in open source projects meet the following guidelines:

  1. Your managers approval is needed when this will divert away from your normal work day or require EDB resources
  2. Employees must not contribute any code which is substantially similar in functionality to EDB’s proprietary IP, or might compete with EDB’s proprietary IP without explicit written approval of their XMT member and of EDB’s General Counsel.
  3. When EDB employees make contributions to open source projects in accord with the provisions of the previous sections, EDB agrees to release their work under the open source license applicable to that project, provided that it is an OSI-approved open source license.

Certain open source projects require the contributor or the contributor's employer to execute a contributor agreement. For such contributions, the EDB employees must contact EDB's General Counsel and get his/her approval prior to making the contribution.

EDB understands that some of its employees exercise leadership roles in the PostgreSQL project or in other open source projects, and we support the independence of our employees when exercising such leadership roles, provided it is consistent with this policy.

It is against policy for any EDB employee to exert pressure on any other EDB employee in regards to the exercise of such a role, even if the responsibilities of that role are carried out on work time. We recognize that the decisions of the PostgreSQL core team, and comparable bodies in other open source organizations, with respect to project governance, commitment of patches, and other similar decisions must be made according to what is in the interest of the open source community, and we encourage all of our employees to make such decisions on that basis.

Lastly, EDB employees in such roles must respect their EDB non-disclosure agreement, their non-compete agreement, their IP assignment obligations, and the EDB Code of Business Conduct (Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (North America)) (or the applicable translation thereof). Any conflicts should be reviewed with EDB’s general counsel.