Migration Toolkit

A feature-rich command-line tool to migrate tables and data from your DBMS to PostgreSQL or EDB Postgres Advanced Server.

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The migration from your existing RDBMS to Postgres or to EDB Postgres Advanced Server requires data and structures to be recreated in the target environment.

When such a migration gets serious, you need a box of the right tools. Powerful, configurable and scriptable to do off-line or on-line work to get you to the finish line.

Online and Offline Migration

Migrate immediately and directly into a Postgres database (online migration), or generate scripts to use at a later time to recreate object definitions (offline migration)

Granular Migration Control

Control and specify batch size, change column data types, commit row by row and bypass WAL logging to optimize migration, filter only rows that meet specific criteria

Feature Rich

Specify a wide variety of options to instruct the Migration Toolkit to execute the migration to the specific demands of your project

The Migration Toolkit

The Migration Toolkit is at the core of any migration effort of scale. As soon as your project gets a little more demanding, trying and testing migration scenarios is very important. From data to structure, repeatability and configurability of such a process, helps prepare for a quick, smooth and faultfree migration at go-live. The Migration Toolkit gives you the ability to do just that.

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Oracle Migration Calculator

Calculate savings by migrating from Oracle to Postgres.

By using our calculator tool you can estimate savings by providing your estate details and picking a support plan.

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