New Integration Options with Postgres Enterprise Manager 8.0

Postgres Enterprise Manager (PEM), is a comprehensive, customizable solution providing a GUI to control, monitor, and optimize your PostgreSQL deployment. The newly released PEM 8.0 makes it easier to integrate with other parts of your infrastructure. Key features now include more API endpoints and the introduction of webhooks, providing more options for integrating with popular ITSMs like ServiceNow.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • Why you need PostgreSQL specific tooling
  • Overview of Postgres Enterprise Manager
    • Manage, Monitor, and Tune PostgreSQL
    • A look at recent REST API updates
    • Examples of a common tasks utilizing the API
  • What’s new in Postgres Enterprise Manager 8.0
    • Webhooks for event-based alerting
    • Enhanced details on why an alert triggered
    • Security fixes from pen testing
  • Examples of API and webhooks in action


Webinar video:



Webinar slides: