Postgres 500

Financial Services applications need a detailed approach to benchmarking in order to avoid overpaying for cloud performance.

It’s easy to overpay for resources in the cloud since there is no one-size-fits-all approach. In some cases, organizations can spend 8x more than necessary. When considering your cloud options, it isn’t just about ‘the fastest’ or ‘the cheapest’, it is about a proper balance to maintain a cost/workload and business SLAs.

To determine the best cost-per-transaction, we at EDB will host our very own Postgres database race. We will use a standard benchmark kit to run a similar Postgres workload across AWS and Azure so you can see live performance results. We’ll also share best practices for cloud component decisions for you to select the best cloud options for your needs.

In this session you will learn:
• Best practices in choosing a cloud platform
• Optimal configuration for Postgres
• How to properly size a workload being moved to the cloud
• Performance variations of Azure VM/Single Server/Flexible Server and AWS VM/RDS/Aurora side-by-side


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