PostgreSQL 13 is Coming - Find Out What's New!

PostgreSQL 13 is coming. Find out how to harness the power of new & improved features in PostgreSQL 13.

This webinar will explore the following:

  • Performance benchmarking: 4 years of going faster
  • Logical subscription for partitioned tables
  • Partitionwise joins
  • BEFORE row-level triggers
  • Parallel vacuum for indexes
  • Corruption checking: pg_catcheck
  • Improved security: libpq with channel binding
  • EDB Postgres Advanced Server improved partitioning features
  • Additional enhancements - PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres Advanced Server


Webinar video:




Webinar slides:



Webinar Q&A

Q1. Does version 13 handles transactions better then version 9.4?

Ans:  I am not sure about the scenario in which you are asking this question.  But overall, there have been a lot of improvements when you compare version 13 with version 9.4.  But again, having said that, you need to test it to know better about your workload.


Q2. Is it possible for you to share the documentation link for EPAS/PostgreSQL v13?

PG documentation lint:

EDB Docuemntation Link:


Q3. Does auto vacuum parallelism utilize more CPU? current auto vacuum process utilized more CPU.

Ans: Parallelism is not applicable with an auto vacuum.  What we talked about in the presentation is for the manual vacuum run.


Q4. Is there any impact, if we do maintenance on partition table online - purging/drop partition? like locking, etc?

Ans: Yes. There will be some impact as all the maintenance work required is locked on the partition table.  


Q5. can we upgrade to v13 directly from v 9.6?

Ans: Yes, one can.


Q6. Can I migrate Oracle 12c to Postgres 13 directly or any indirect upgrade should be followed ?

Ans: From Oracle to PostgreSQL migration, one needs to migrate the data and application.  It does not happen with normal upgrade (pg_upgrade).  Please contact either sales and/or support for the full details. 


Q7. PG Backup is in all versions. Can you share the location of the Manifest file for PGBACKUP?

Ans:   Manifest file will be created at the backup location itself.