Big Animal Postgres Lab: Learn, demonstrate and win!

BigAnimal is a fully managed database-as-a-service with AWS and Azure with built-in Oracle compatibility, running in your cloud account, and operated by the Postgres experts. BigAnimal makes it easy to set up, manage, and scale your databases.

BigAnimal gives you superior Postgres database services in the cloud, including:

  • Accelerated migration from Oracle to Postgres
  • High availability that you require for mission-critical applications
  • Ability to run the database directly in your account, giving you unsurpassed levels of access and control, including superuser access
  • 24X7 access to EDB's team of Postgres experts

Join us for this exclusive Postgres Lab for a demonstration of the BigAnimal features and capabilities. You can also get hands-on experience by signing up for our BigAnimal 14 day free trial. And, that’s not it, you can participate in our BigAnimal contest to win exciting rewards.


  • BigAnimal features, capabilities and use cases by Vinnie Grack, Senior Cloud Architect, EDB
  • BigAnimal demo by Mansur Shaikh, Sales Engineer, EDB
  • Live hands-on experience on Big-animal for all attendees (Live Q&A with EDB experts)
  • Launch of BigAnimal contest


Vinnie Grack - Senior Cloud Architect, EDB
Mansur Shaikh - Sales Engineer, EDB

Webinar recording:


Webinar slides: