Busting myths & fears when moving off Oracle ULAs

Oracle pitches its Unlimited license agreements (ULAs) as "an easy way for a large, global organization to support business agility and value creation" but this agreement can come with significant risks, penalties and limitations that can impact your organization's bottom line, reduce its agility, and restrict your ability to do what's best for the future of your changing enterprise.

Too many Oracle customers have learned the hard way that when trying to roll out of the unlimited deployment period, Oracle challenges their certifications, they are audited, and more. In this 30-minute webinar, Celest Turner Hall, EDB SVP of Product Marketing and Management, and Julie Machal-Fulks, Partner at Scott & Scott, LLP will help you understand how to protect your organization. You’ll learn different strategies and tactics for minimizing risks when exiting Oracle ULAs. Plus, they will dispel some common myths that keep customers tied up in the ULA long after they are ready to leave.

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