Customer Spotlight: Why Open Source and Postgres are at the top of Telia’s IT agenda

Open source database technology is having a powerful moment among industry innovators. According to a 2022 Red Hat report entitled The State of Enterprise Open Source, 80% of IT leaders expect to increase their use of enterprise open source software for emerging technologies and 82% of IT leaders are more likely to select an enterprise open source vendor who actively contributes to the open source community.

For Telia’s IT leaders, this held true. As a telecommunications leader serving millions of customers across the Nordic and Baltic region with essential digital infrastructure and services, Telia prioritizes keeping its vast customer base happy. And one of the key ways they ensure that continual satisfaction is by maintaining an IT infrastructure that’s ahead of the curve and backed by Postgres.

Currently, cloud and platform capabilities form an essential part of Telia’s infrastructure with thousands of applications and platforms serving a wide range of different functions, countries and teams.

In this session, EDB and Telia discuss why cloud adoption, cloud native deployment and the use of open source are at the top of Telia’s IT agenda.

  • Enabling modernisation through plans focused on business priorities
  • Delivering value through efficient infrastructure and cloud capabilities
  • How Telia utilises open source technologies, including Postgres
  • The advantages of using Postgres from Telia’s perspective

Thomas Nesvoll-Jenssen, Head of Cloud and Infrastructure, Telia
Joakim Blomqvist, EMEA Enterprise Solutions, EDB

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