Fueling innovation with open source database transformation

Organisations across the Asia-Pacific region are executing business strategies that are largely driven by digital technologies. Consumers are now demanding that companies provide digital channels that make interacting with their products and services much easier. 

IDC research, published in August, found that one of the top critical levers to running a digital business is using data and intelligence strategically to create competitive differentiation and create a culture where innovation thrives. 

With the advent of data-driven business models, the imperative for data modernisation is never more important.
The ability to develop new applications that can incorporate data-driven insights and integrate with a wider digital ecosystem value chain has led many organisations down the path of open source data platforms. 

While there are many advantages of open source solutions, organisations still need help for their migration and modernisation efforts to scale these efforts beyond the developer community and to reap the benefits of multi cloud data platforms.  

Watch this webinar on demand and download the IDC Event At A Glance report where we discuss the topic ‘Fuelling innovation with open source database transformation.’

Linus Lai, Vice President Digital Business, Trust and Services, IDC Asia-Pacific
Byron Connolly, Editor-in-chief, CIO Australia
William McDonald, Regional Director, ANZ, EDB
Ajit Gadge, Field Chief Technology Officer, EDB

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