JSON and Postgres: Better together

Postgres is an object-relational database system. NoSQL, on the other hand, is a non-relational technology, which is much more document-oriented. Learn how the Postgres database technology gives you the flexibility to combine NoSQL workloads with the relational query power by offering JSON data types. With Postgres, new capabilities can be developed and plugged into the database as required.

What You Will Learn:

  • Intro to JSON, HSTORE
  • JSON History in Postgres
  • JSON Data Types, Operators and Functions
  • JSON, JSONB– when to use which one?
  • JSONB and Node.JS – easy as pie
  • NoSQL Performance in Postgres–fast as greased lightning • Say ‘Yes’ to ‘Not only SQL’
  • Useful resources

Vibhor Kumar, Vice President, Performance Engineering

Webinar Recording:


Webinar Slides: