My Favorite PostgreSQL Books

One of the most frequent questions I get is: How do I get started with PostgreSQL? How steep is the learning curve for an Oracle DBA?

When I first learned about PostgreSQL 10+ years ago, one could hardly find any PostgreSQL books in the leading bookstores, whereas there were dozens of books about Oracle, MySQL, or SQL Server. Today, there are many good PostgreSQL books available. Diving into PostgreSQL has become easier than ever. In this webinar, I will review four books that I recommend for general interest, developers, DBAs focused on performance tuning, and system administrators working on PostgreSQL database infrastructures.


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Webinar Q&A

Q: What tools are available for migrating from SQL server ( MS SQL & Transact sql )? 

A: EDB Migration Toolkit will help migrate DDL and data. I am not aware of good tools to migrate T-SQL stored procedures to Postgres.


Q: Any book recommendations for TSQL to pgsql?

A: I am not aware of any specific books for that. Dimitri’s book “The Art of PostgreSQL” is probably the best one.


Q: What is a good book for replication switch over and failover setup?

A: Hans-Juergen Schoening has published a book about Postgres replication, but I have not read it. Vibhor Kumar at EDB has started a blog series about that topic that might be helpful too


Q: What Good Books didn’t make the list?

A: I’d prefer not to say


Q: Could you please let us know the PostgreSQL Columnar Store extension. Can it be used with range partitioning? Is it being used by many clients? Most relational DBs' have them integrated natively.

A: We have only explored it lightly and cant speak to its capabilities


Q: Which good book addresses the subject of the development in C language with libpq?

A: There really isn't a book that Bruce and I would know of, except for the PG manual.


Q: I'm an Oracle DBA.  I wanna move to PostgreSQL DBA with Python programming language? Which books would you suggest in my case?

A: If you are a development DBA, I would start with Dimitri’s book “The Art of PostgreSQL”