Why Postgres is Becoming the Standard in Financial Services

In the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) sector, large scale digitization and / or modernization initiatives are providing an opportunity for companies to review their existing technology stacks and look at open source software (OSS) alternatives. OSS databases are not new to BFSI, but what is changing is their usage across a range of application tiers up to and including mission critical.

EDB offers a range of expertise and tooling that augments the core Postgres engine in order to help customers achieve full enterprise readiness and deliver scalable, performant and reliable database offerings with deployment patterns that are designed to meet your SLAs.

Join Julian Moffett to discuss the opportunities that large-scale change initiatives can present, how Postgres can be a part of your technology platform, and how EDB can support your business on that journey.

Topics of discussion:

  • How Postgres can fit into your digital transformation
  • How to overcome reservations about running mission critical applications on OSS
  • Where Postgres is being used successfully in BFSI today
  • How EDB can help you succeed and scale

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