The FBI Saves Money and Maintains Data Ownership by Migrating from Oracle with EDB’s Help

Key Takeaways

  • Migrated mission-critical applications from Oracle to AWS with the help of EDB Oracle Compatibility
  • Saved money and escaped the restrictions of prohibitive database licensing fees



  • Public Sector, Law Enforcement


About the FBI

Since 1908, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been the US’s leading law enforcement agency, and a vital part of its security and intelligence apparatus. Working with local and state law enforcement across the country, the FBI maintains vital records that help solve and prevent crimes across jurisdictions.



As part of an ongoing modernization effort, the FBI planned to migrate key applications—including those for case management and background checks—away from their Oracle infrastructure and into AWS cloud. However, it quickly became clear that Oracle’s licensing fees would make such a migration prohibitively expensive, stalling the plan in its tracks.



After researching migration alternatives, the FBI found EDB, whose robust Oracle compatibility features would make it easy and cost-effective to migrate their applications and existing infrastructure into Postgres and AWS with minimal disruption or fear of data loss.



With the help of EDB, the FBI was able to execute their planned migration and move their mission-critical applications to a cloud database more suited to their needs and innovation goals, all while working within the budget at their disposal. By leaving Oracle behind, they were able to run their applications and manage their data how they wanted, without needing to worry about inflexibility or frustrating licensing costs.


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