Healthcare ISV Migrates Clinical Trial Data from Oracle to EDB BigAnimal™ on AWS

Key Takeaways

  • Migrated critical eClinical application and research apps to modern Postgres database architecture
  • Quickly advanced global rollout after successful Oracle-to-BigAnimal migration in the U.S
  • Avoided Oracle EOL, support and renewal cost issues.


  • EDB BigAnimal Postgres-as-a-Service
  • EDB Postgres Advanced Server (EPAS)
  • EDB Professional Services


  • Healthcare Analytics ISV


This U.S. healthcare analytics independent software vendor (ISV) provides cloud-based clinical trial solutions that support research and innovation. The company’s end-to-end eClinical application optimizes research data reporting between clinicians, pharma sponsors and regulatory authorities by providing real-time data insights and analytics.


The company’s core eClinical application was built on an Oracle database running on AWS cloud. The CTO wanted and needed to get off Oracle due to several pressing concerns:

  • The eClinical app was running on older Oracle versions nearing end-of-life, and the associated licensing upgrade was cost-prohibitive
  • Several customers informed the company they no longer wanted to use Oracle technology for their clinical research activities, which led to associated business churn 
  • Oracle offered limited technical support for this legacy database environment, which adversely impacted the long-term dependability of the platform for this business-critical eClinical application

These collective concerns increased the urgency to  migrate the eClinical app to open source Postgres in the cloud, with as little additional work as possible given the company’s competing business priorities.

Recognizing the importance of this database migration to the company’s business, the CTO began reviewing solutions that would offer the Postgres technology the company preferred and subject matter expertise required to assist with their phased, global rollout. 


The company moved away from these database concerns by migrating to EDB BigAnimal Postgres-as-a-Service on AWS, with Oracle compatibility enhanced by EPAS. In accelerating the Oracle migration process, EPAS improved EDB BigAnimal Postgres performance on AWS by providing the DBMS features the company required, while reducing the need to rewrite queries and rework the application.

EDB professional services helped the company assess their Oracle workloads and ensure compatibility with BigAnimal.


The speed and success the company realized in migrating from Oracle to BigAnimal in their U.S. operations environment promoted the ability to accelerate global rollout across EMEA and APJ regions

EDB’s fully managed Postgres approach resolved the CTO’s concerns about migrating from Oracle with limited in-house staff resources.


This company’s ability to successfully migrate high-value research data to a modern Postgres database operating across the globe ratified the value that their eClinical application delivers to their customer base.

As a result, the company has the potential to further accelerate the progress of clinical trials by using a modern application infrastructure that simplifies regulatory submissions, enhances report monitoring and optimizes workflow.

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