Streaming Provider Gets Back in the Game with Continuous Uptime from EDB BigAnimal on AWS

Key Takeaways

  • Mitigated high latency and repeated service outages adversely impacting this business with EDB BigAnimal
  • Cut Postgres costs by 30%
  • Ultra-low latency streaming services delivered to increasing range of industry subscribers


  • EDB BigAnimal
  • EDB Migration Toolkit and Migration Portal


  • Streaming provider


This European streaming provider’s ability to deliver ultra- low latency cloud-based streaming services to any device or browser drove adoption beyond gaming and betting applications. As a result, their technology is today used by service providers and platform operators across wide-ranging industries, with the company’s delivery covered by service level agreements (SLAs).


Years earlier, the streaming provider selected AWS as its cloud service provider, as leadership viewed them as the vendor best equipped to quickly scale infrastructure and provide the flexibility needed to support interactive streaming for gaming and betting with ultra-low latency. When the service provider later decided to move several knowledge base workloads onto the cloud, an AWS Postgres solution was the logical choice, with quick deployment as their rationale.

Two AWS environment outages occurred in a short timeframe that disrupted service delivery and harmed business reputation prompted leadership to revisit that earlier decision. The first disruption was resolved fairly quickly by AWS premium support. Still, that experience caused leadership to start consulting with other Postgres vendors better equipped to operate databases on AWS. The second outage coincided with a Postgres upgrade that was supposed to take 3 minutes, instead causing 3+ hours of downtime. The immediate troubleshooting offered by AWS involved quadrupling the existing cloud infrastructure.

Looking at tens of thousands of Euros in SLA payments to the service providers and platform operators using their technology for gaming and better subscribers, as well as associated losses in subscribers and brand awareness, it was time to re-examine their Postgres technology vendor arrangement.


Soon after this outage began, and desperately needing successful Postgres troubleshooting beyond what AWS could provide, leadership re- engaged the one vendor they believed would help resolve their database issues: EDB.

After AWS Postgres service was finally restored and recognizing that Postgres technology was the root cause based on EDB’s consultation, the streaming provider migrated from AWS Postgres to running the fully managed EDB BigAnimal Postgres-as-a-Service on AWS cloud. EDB used its Migration Toolkit and Migration Portal solutions to help automate the process.

EDB’s solution also afforded the streaming provider a 30% reduction in the cost of running their Postgres solution on BigAnimal, all without quadrupling their AWS cloud infrastructure investment.


A senior technologist explained the streaming provider’s choice of BigAnimal this way:

“When we moved to EDB BigAnimal, we felt fully reassured that we were dealing with an expert Postgres service provider, and we were very impressed with EDB’s ‘white glove’ support that we received.”

BigAnimal running on AWS mitigated the high latency and repeated service outages adversely impacting this business.

For the DBAs managing business workloads on AWS, BigAnimal provides advanced security features, as well as access to the underlying database infrastructure that leads to advanced insights into their Postgres environment.


The company, its service providers and platforms, and ultimately the subscribers expecting interactive gaming and betting experience all benefit from the as-advertised ultra-low latency. As a result, the service provider continues to add new products and features to an increasing range of industry customers.

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