Computing Research: Why the Cloud should be your database default

Organisations of all sizes, across all sectors, are constantly asking more of their data architecture.
Databases must do more, go faster, and adapt to changing needs. Cloud is coming to the forefront
as the natural solution across the board. The transition has been underway for years, but with the
coronavirus pandemic this past year in particular, the need for cloud has increased, amplifying its
advantages and accelerating migration from on-premise options. the advantages of the cloud.

Motivated by a desire to reap the benefits of cloud computing, a growing number of organisations
are embracing a cloud-native mindset when it comes to their databases, enabling businesses to
get more out of their data while allowing the data to be accessed and used by applications at a
fast pace.

In this white paper, supported by bespoke research, we’ll explore the state of the nation when it
comes to cloud databases—gauging what a standard database architecture looks like today, how
it’s performing, and companies’ near-term plans on what to do with it. We’ll tackle IT leaders’
opinions around the benefits and potential hurdles that come with a cloud database, comparing
real-world experiences of those already in the cloud, to those who have yet to make the switch.