The Ultimate Guide for Moving Your PostgreSQL Database to the Cloud

For organizations looking to move databases into the cloud, PostgreSQL has long been a powerful ally—flexible, scalable, and dynamic. However, as they look to effectively leverage PostgreSQL and achieve a cloud-native, fully-managed database, they find themselves facing a range of challenges.

Effectively and efficiently migrating your applications to the cloud isn’t easy. In the wrong hands, it can be near impossible to achieve all the mission-critical goals that you’ve set for your transition. EDB prides itself on experience, know-how, and success in helping businesses across industries take advantage of PostgreSQL.

Whether it’s facilitating or advising, we strive to ensure that every enterprise that sees their future in the cloud is able to achieve that future, best as possible. It’s for this reason that we’ve created this guide: a roadmap and manual to help you understand how you can reach a fully-managed PostgreSQL database in the cloud, how you can avoid pitfalls like overspending and lost assets, and how you can make the most of the cloud when you get there.