Service Description: Developer Support

28th October 2020


Defined Terms

• Customer - the party purchasing the Consulting Service via a Statement of Work.

Any terms used but not defined herein shall have the meanings ascribed them in the Master Services Agreement between the parties, if any.


With Developer Support, Customer receives access to an EnterpriseDB technical support representative for:

• support for installation, usage, configuration and diagnosis for PostgreSQL developer tasks.

• advice concerning industry practices, program tuning and application porting. Customer may be referred to particular URLs when the information relating to the request is available as part of a book, article, blog, manual or FAQ.


Developer Support covers PostgreSQL and a wide range of other software when used in development and on development or test servers including but not limited to beta versions of PostgreSQL. The Developer Support subscription does not include support for production issues of any kind. Customer is responsible for testing the software that Customer develops before putting it into use in a production environment. If Customer wishes EnterpriseDB to take responsibility for architecting, designing, writing, testing, debugging, documenting, assessing or improving Customer’s software then EnterpriseDB will be happy to do that as a Consulting Service, which is not included within this Developer Support subscription.


All responses to Developer Support cases will be handled remotely by EnterpriseDB staff.


EnterpriseDB may not be able to resolve all issues, even on packages that are supported. For any supported application EnterpriseDB will attempt to provide a resolution which will consist of a workaround or a full solution. However, PostgreSQL is a complex software product and specific issues may be difficult to resolve, so no guarantee of resolution or time to fix can be provided especially when an issue is intermittent.


Developer Support provides best practice advice and problem resolution support for software listed on the Supported Production Software List as it is amended from time to time, unless explicitly described on the applicable Statement of Work. EnterpriseDB will add new software components and software release levels to the Supported Production Software List as items become ready for production use, in the expert technical opinion of EnterpriseDB alone.

The Customer accepts that Production Support Severity Level 1 and 2 cases for other customers may at times take priority over Developer Support cases, applied without prejudice to all customers of EnterpriseDB.



Service Initiation and Contacts

Customer is entitled to five (5), or the number defined on the applicable Statement of Work, EnterpriseDB portal users. At least one (1) admin user will be assigned when the initial Customer account is created within the EnterpriseDB portal. The Customer admin user will then be able to create the remaining EnterpriseDB portal user accounts and may change these contacts at any time within the EnterpriseDB portal. Details of how to contact support, manage cases and other details for provision of the Services is sent to each EnterpriseDB portal user upon account activation. Each EnterpriseDB portal user will also be sent updated technical information including updates to the Supported Production Software List. EnterpriseDB reserves the right to change this information from time to time, without notice, though reasonable efforts will be made to give notice of any changes. Each EnterpriseDB portal user will be notified of any changes to service provision.




Questions are submitted by opening a ticket on the EnterpriseDB portal or via email.


Initial Response Time

Within two (2) hours during business hours in the timezones defined on the applicable Statement of Work.


Number of Support Cases




Developer Support is a subscription-based service with an indefinite term. Each Statement of Work for Developer Support will automatically renew unless terminated by either party in writing to the address of the party as noted in the EnterpriseDB Portal, taking effect at the end of the current subscription year. No refunds are given for cancellation or termination. Developer Support commences following the payment of the applicable fees. Additional fees become due on the expiry date for the subscription as displayed in the EnterpriseDB Portal at EnterpriseDB’s then current rates.




Customer may provide EnterpriseDB access to Customer Information as reasonably required by EnterpriseDB in order to provide the Services. Customer understands and agrees that (a) the completeness, accuracy of, and extent of access to, any Customer Information provided to EnterpriseDB may affect EnterpriseDB's ability to provide Services, and (b) if reasonable access to Customer Information is not provided, EnterpriseDB will be relieved from providing any Services dependent upon such access. Customer will obtain any third party consents necessary to grant EnterpriseDB access to the Customer Information that is subject to the proprietary rights of, or controlled by, any third party, or which is subject to any other form of restriction upon disclosure.



Consultative Support is Extra

Tasks such as, but not limited to, software development, general testing, performance tuning, upgrades, backups, regular maintenance, or addition of new PostgreSQL features will be covered under Consulting Services and will be separately chargeable or reasonably refused if the customer does not agree to and pay for the Consulting Services in a separate Statement of Work. Customer further understands that Consulting Services may not be available at all times of day and may require booking in advance to secure access to qualified experts.


Serious Errors and Omissions

Serious errors and omissions by Customer, such as but not limited to lack of backups, are not software failures and actions to remedy or provide alternatives in these situations may require additional Consulting Services.



Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, all ownership to the results of any Services shall be as follows:

• All work product related to Services surrounding open source software shall be subject to the applicable license agreement (e.g., Postgres).

• All work product related to Services surrounding software license by EnterpriseDB shall be and remain the sole and exclusive property of EnterpriseDB.