SLO Support Terms - BigAnimal - 2022.05.02

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As mentioned on your Order, these are the Support terms which will govern the delivery of Support from Us to You on your purchased unit of measure on BigAnimal offering as described in the BigAnimal Terms located at   

NOTE:  Please see section 6 below for definitions that will assist you in understanding this schedule’s terms and conditions.  


1. Support 

a. We will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide Support on Your BigAnimal subscription  identified in Your purchase.  We provide either Break/Fix or Troubleshooting assistance for Your subscription.  We will endeavor to respond to a Support Request from the Named Contacts within the Initial Response objectives and the Remedy Service Level Objectives below. All Support will be provided in the English language unless otherwise mutually agreed in writing.


Subscription Plan





24 hours x 7 days

Initial Response 

Service Level Objective


30 minutes


30 minutes


60 minutes


1 business day


Service Level Objective


24 hours


48 hours


15 business days


45 business days

b. During your paid subscription, We will make Support available to You.

c. We will provide Support for each release of the software available in the public cloud provider for a period of time described at our database version policy which may be updated from time to time.


2. Open Source PostgreSQL Support

With respect to the open source PostgreSQL and a limited set of open source PostgreSQL tools/extensions, We will provide either Break/Fix, Troubleshooting, or Guidance & Advice for the software as described within the public cloud offering. Our assistance with PostgreSQL is subject to the Postgres open source community End-of-Life matrix located on


3. Support Prerequisites

a. You will submit all tickets via the portal.  In the event that the portal is unavailable, a support ticket can be opened with the Cloud Support Team in one of two additional manners:

i. Via email at  

ii. Via phone at +1(781) 298-6262

b. You will cooperate with and provide assistance to Us as We may reasonably request in order to assist Us in the performance of Support, including, without limitation, providing all necessary assistance and information (according to the formats and templates specified by Us) to Our Support personnel reasonably required to enable such personnel to determine if a problem is related to an Error or is due to some other issue. 

c. If requested by Us, You must provide Us functioning test code which isolates the Error; such test code must not include sensitive, confidential or personal information. The test code must be reproducible on Our test environment.

d. You acknowledge that correspondence and log files generated in conjunction with a Support Request must not contain any sensitive, confidential or personal information. 

e. You are solely responsible for ensuring the protection of any sensitive, confidential or personal information, including obscuring the logs or otherwise safeguarding such information prior to sending it to Us. 

f. You will provide Us with appropriate access (e.g., screen share and/or Customer Cloud Environment access) to the extent reasonably necessary to allow Us to provide Support. 

g. All Support will be provided remotely unless otherwise mutually articulated and agreed.

4. Remedy and Relief

a. We will have no obligation to provide Support if You have not paid all applicable fees payable pursuant to this Agreement, or You are otherwise not in compliance with the terms of this Agreement.

b. We may reasonably withhold or curtail support and/or reduce the assigned Severity Level should it become clear that the Your staff has withheld information relating to the probable causes of the case including but not limited to recent events, commands issued, or server output. Lack of reasonable care and attention such as, but not limited to, failure to take database backups is not sufficient cause to raise the Severity Level of an incident. You are reminded that performance checks and other consulting services are available at additional cost.

c. Subject to this paragraph, elapsed time to Remedy Service Level Objective will begin once We have responded to a submitted ticket. Time delays resulting from You, Your internet connection, time expended by You to answer questions or provide information or access of any kind to Us will not be counted towards the remedy time commitment.    Remedy Service Level Objectives shall also require continual availability of You as needed for progress against the issue. If these requirements are not met, the ticket to which they pertain will not be eligible for Remedy Service Level Objectives. 

d. We may provide a bug fix which resolves the problem, yet is not accepted by the PostgreSQL community as an appropriate fix. We will make reasonable efforts to resolve this, if possible, though not within a guaranteed time, at any support level.


5. Exclusions.

Unless otherwise agreed to in an executed Order form or statement of work, We may limit Support in any of the following circumstances as it pertains to Your resources and usage:

a. A failure of hardware, equipment or programs not covered by this Agreement;

b. Your failure to comply with operating instructions contained in the software’s user documentation;

c. A modification, enhancement or customization of the software unless agreed in writing by Us;

d. Any cause or causes beyond Our reasonable control (e.g. floods, fires, loss of electricity or other utilities), errors arising from anything other than subscribed software, such as databases, web-servers or hardware; 

e. Installation, configuration, management and operation of the Your applications;

f. Except as stated herein, and on an Order form, software not obtained from EnterpriseDB; 

g. API, interfaces or data formats other than those included with the subscribed software; or

h. Use of the subscribed software for providing time-sharing services, service bureau services or as part of an application services provider or software as a service offering.

i. Use of software that is not supported by Us.  

j. For any professional/consulting services work.

6. Definitions.

“Affiliate” means an entity that a party, directly or indirectly, controls, an entity that controls a party or an entity that is under common control with a party.  For purposes of this provision, control means ownership of at least fifty percent (50%) of the outstanding voting shares of the entity.

“Break/Fix” means that We will provide insight, guidance, troubleshooting, and where applicable, a persistent remedy as it pertains to Your purchased subscription.   A remedy may consist of technical steps, a software patch or build.

"Business Day" means 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM (local time) Monday through Friday, excluding any of our holidays.

“Cloud Control Plane” means the software of the cloud service which manages the Cloud Data Plane.

“Customer Cloud Environment” means Customer’s public cloud environment into which BigAnimal is deployed and supported.

“Deliverable” means a deliverable provided by Us as part of the cloud service.

"Error" means a reproducible failure of the subscribed software to substantially conform to the descriptions contained in the applicable end user manuals or online help files regarding the use of the subscribed software.

“Failure” means EDB’s failure (subject to the terms of this document) to meet the Resolution Service Level Objective requirements for a particular impacted Instance.

“Guidance & Advice” means We will provide insight and guidance for the product as it is understood per Our knowledge of the documented behavior and functionality of the software.

"General Release Date" means the date upon which We make available to You via the Cloud Control Plane any new versions of the Software as it relates to the cloud service to which You have an active subscription.

“Instance” means a Postgres server process running on a unique combination of “IP address” and “TCP port” (usually 5432).

"Initial Response" means our acknowledgment of a Support Request received from You.

"Initial Response Service Level Objective" means, for any single Support Request, the objective for the elapsed period measured from the time that You initiate the Support Request until We provide a response.

"Named Contacts" mean the individuals authorized to contact Us for Support. Such individuals should be trained and knowledgeable about the software and Our resolution procedures to be used with the software. Named Contacts may be changed by providing Us with at least ten (10) days prior written notice. 

"Remedy Service Level Objective" is the goal for Us relating to the time required to provide documented relief from the Error.

"Resolution Service Level Objective" is the goal for Us of the time required to provide documented relief which restores full (or near full) functionality of software defined under Break/Fix to the Customer. Relief may be provided in the form of technical steps, a software patch, or build. We provide no guarantee that any code changes will be approved by, or maintained in the main open source project.  As it pertains to a Support subscription, all other software will follow the Production Support Response and Resolution Service Level Objectives as identified in Section 1, Subsection A.

Note: The severity levels below must be reflected in

"Severity 1 Error" means a catastrophic production Error in the subscribed software which severely impacts Your production systems, or in which the subscribed software in Your production systems is down or not functioning; or an Error in the subscribed software which is causing a loss of production data and no procedural work around exists. Severity 1 Errors also include security breaches originating within the code of the subscribed software which rate as a CVSS Score of 7 or higher.

"Severity 2 Error" means the subscribed software, which is in production, is operational but certain major functions are not performing in all material respects in accordance with its documentation and no workaround is available.

"Severity 3 Error" means (a) minor functions of the subscribed software, which is in production, are not performing in accordance with its documentation or (b) the subscribed software, which is in development or a test environment, is not performing in accordance with its documentation.

“Severity 4 Error” means a general usage question or recommendation for a future product enhancement or modification. There is no impact on the quality, performance, or functionality of the subscribed software. This Severity Level covers non-urgent problems including cosmetic issues, feature requests or information requests.

“Services” means the consulting and training services provided by Us under this Agreement which do not include Support.

“Support” means the support provided for the subscribed service and based on the terms of this Schedule A during the subscription period.

"Support Request" means a request communicated by You to Us using the designated procedure to report an Error and to request a correction of such Error.

“Troubleshooting” means that We will provide insight, guidance and troubleshooting for the subscribed service on approved public Cloud platforms and versions as designated within the offering.