5 Steps to Simplify and Accelerate Your Oracle to Postgres Migration

July 14, 2022

Among businesses invested in infrastructure modernization and innovation, migrations from Oracle to Postgres are more popular than ever before. Despite its status as a leading proprietary database, Oracle is dogged by criticisms of its restrictive licensing and extremely high costs. For organizations that value agility, flexibility and cost efficiency, Oracle just doesn’t cut it.

But it’s one thing to make the decision to migrate and another thing to successfully execute the migration. Oftentimes, the idea of embarking on such a massive project is daunting enough to dissuade enterprises from migrating—even if it’s in their best interest. This is why EDB is excited to announce our latest interactive infographic: 5 Steps to Simplify and Accelerate Your Oracle to Postgres Migration.

This resource is designed specifically to help businesses understand the key stages of a major Oracle to Postgres migration–from planning all the way through to cutover–and ensure a successful journey. Each of these steps is of vital importance, both for a smooth migration and for long-term growth in your Postgres database going forward. Understanding the requirements and nuances of your process—and addressing them early through effective planning and team education—is the best way to ensure you get the most out of Postgres. 

We’re proud to have helped hundreds of organizations leave their legacy infrastructure behind and experience the true power of Postgres. Each has found new avenues to innovate and expand on a database that doesn’t put limits on their evolution or charge them for thinking big. Between the opportunities for growth, the significant savings and the ability to leverage your applications to their fullest potential, Postgres is a modern database for modern businesses. 

Now it’s your turn.

Whether you’ve already made the decision to migrate and are looking to begin planning or have simply grown tired of Oracle holding you back and are looking for a solution, this infographic will give you the foundational advice you need to simplify and accelerate your move to Postgres. Don’t limit yourself and don’t let your provider limit you. Make your approach to the next phase of your growth easier.


Check out the full infographic here.

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