Postgres 16 contribution analysis 2023

February 08, 2024

Robert Haas recently published his 2023 analysis Who Contributed to PostgreSQL Development in 2023? - a follow up to prior analyses done in 2022 and 2021. Robert focuses on the individuals who write the code, commit the code, and are active on psql-hackers. Just like I did in the blog Which Companies are Supporting PostgreSQL Development?, I will map Robert’s analysis to companies that invest in the ongoing development of Postgres.

 Postgres 16 contribution analysis - code contributions

While lines of code are only indirectly linked to value or innovation, they do give a strong indication of which companies invest in driving the technology forward. Understanding this analysis is important for anybody who wants to bet on PostgreSQL as their strategic database platform. While Postgres has become the #1 database for developers (Stackoverflow Developer Survey 2023) and DBAs (DBEngines ranking 2023), we know that database requirements will continue to evolve. Picking the right partner for that evolution is key.

In March 2023, Forbes Tech Council stated Data is considered the new gold because it has become a critical raw material for producing digital products and services. The vast amount of data available has the potential to generate valuable insights and fuel innovation. Databases are no longer static assets -- they have become mission critical business tools that need to evolve rapidly to support the creation of new competitive advantages.

While the database of the past’s key mission was to be the safe, durable, and consistent repository of business transactions, the database of the future will be the foundation for business insights and digital innovation.

At EDB, we are convinced that the PostgreSQL of the future will integrate AI features, have new analytics capabilities, integrate new data formats, and meet yet unknown security requirements. Having the right partner to make sure PostgreSQL evolves fast enough and in the right direction to suit your needs is absolutely imperative.

*Updated version on Feb 15: Correcting Fujitsu’s contribution, updating it from 1.3% to 4.6%. Thank you Amit Kapila for finding the mistake!

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