Build the Essential Skills to Be a Successful PostgreSQL DBA

November 05, 2018

Open source databases are becoming an increasingly preferred option for organizations seeking high performance, lower cost alternatives to legacy databases. If you’d like to increase your Postgres skills, EnterpriseDB just announced that it will be offering two training courses this coming fall titled “Comprehensive PostgreSQL Administration”, hosted in London and Amsterdam.

Learn Essential Postgres DBA Skills 

The courses will be presented as a 5-day classroom training, designed to teach the essential skills required for PostgreSQL DBAs to be successful. The course in London begins November 26. The course in Amsterdam begins December 10.

The training content will cover PostgreSQL database architecture and core administrative tasks including configuration, maintenance, monitoring, backups, recovery, and moving data. Advanced topics are also covered including replication to safeguard data, clustering for high availability, partitioning for performance and maintainability, and security for privacy and protection.

This course will help DBAs and IT Professionals responsible for administration and maintenance of PostgreSQL increase their proficiency and learn best practices. And those new to PostgreSQL will benefit as well. Only basic experience in database administration is required to participate and no prior knowledge of PostgreSQL is necessary.

Prepare for PostgreSQL Certification

Upon course completion, participants will be prepared to manage large, highly available databases and their security requirements with confidence. This course also includes one free attempt at the PostgreSQL Associate Certification exam, a $200 value.

Visit the links below to get more details and register.


Philip Hankinson is a Consultant and Technical Trainer at EnterpriseDB.

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