EDB and Repostor Partner to Expand Backup and Restore Choices for PostgreSQL

February 03, 2022

We are pleased to announce that EDB and Repostor have partnered together to certify Repostor Data Protector for PostgreSQL (RDP) with EDB Postgres Advanced Server (EPAS), and EDB Postgres Extended Server. This integration combines the capabilities of EDB Postgres Advanced Server or EDB Postgres Extended Server and Repostor RDP in order to enable backup, restore, and instant archives of WAL Logs. The integration allows for a solution that prioritizes both business continuity and security at the same time by making sure one of your most valuable assets, your data, is safe and not lost. 

EDB and Repostor's Partnership

Both companies have proven and certified the solution, giving EDB customers the benefit of having their data that is stored in EDB Postgres Advanced Server or EDB Postgres Extended Server secured by a direct connection through Data Protector. The integration itself is now fully documented and can be viewed on the EDB partner landing page for Repostor and the EDB Docs homepage

RDP allows the user to conduct backups and restorations of databases to ease fear of data loss, as the process can be done online while being directly connected to IBM Spectrum Protect (SP). This solution will provide an efficient experience for database administrators, as they will have backup and restore enabled for them without needing any prior Spectrum Protect knowledge.

For more information on Repostor, visit their website.

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