Release Radar: Increase Resilience with EDB Postgres Distributed on BigAnimal

February 13, 2024

In response to increasing regional data residency requirements, we have added a Cross-Cloud Service Provider (CSP) Witness feature for EDB Postgres Distributed on the fully managed EDB BigAnimal Postgres Database.

As a result, we have enabled the ability to have a Witness Group “live” in a different CSP in either the “bring your own account” or BigAnimal-hosted deployment method. This capability allows a customer, for example, to house the two main regions of their EDB Postgres Distributed cluster in AWS India regions, with the Witness Group in a third in an Azure India region. As a result, the customer realizes the benefits of increased Postgres high availability in the event of a regional feature using the Cross-CSP Witness Group feature.

Cross-CSP Witness Group Flexibility

This Cross-CSP Witness Group feature is available on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud for customers running EDB Postgres Distributed on BigAnimal in their CSP environments or BigAnimal’s cloud account. Cross-CSP Witness Group applies to both multi-region configurations available with EDB Postgres Distributed and is enabled by default.

You can experience the geo-distributed and high availability features offered by EDB Postgres Distributed on BigAnimal today. Get started with $300 in free credits.


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