EDB and SIB Visions Partner to Streamline Migration from Oracle Forms and APEX

June 21, 2022

As principal contributors to Postgres, we’re always excited to form partnerships with companies whose products or services support migration from Oracle to Postgres. Most recently, we collaborated with SIB Visions, an enterprise based in Vienna, Austria, whose low-code development platform VisionX supports both Postgres and Oracle, as well as all other major databases.

Of course, a database doesn't stand alone. Applications communicate with it and provide the user interface. Many companies moving away from Oracle want to migrate associated applications too, especially if those also use Oracle technology. VisionX provides an easy path to migrate such applications, complementing our MTK Migrations Toolkit that supports the migration of the database.


Migration—fast and seamless

VisionX and its Oracle Forms migration extension enable the rapid and straightforward migration of Oracle Forms and Oracle APEX into web and mobile applications. What typically presents a huge challenge to companies that wish to migrate away from Oracle becomes fairly simple, and a project that can take years can be completed within months—at significantly lower cost. Oracle Forms applications can be migrated using the FMB file (i.e., the Oracle Forms source code) or using the data model, while Oracle APEX can be migrated using the data model. This makes it easier for us to serve customers who use either Oracle Forms or Oracle APEX.

In VisionX, you can visually build web and mobile applications that use an EDB Postgres instance as a data source, which means that apps can quickly be developed to connect to the database. This has two benefits: migrating or rebuilding existing applications built in any technology and creating new ones to enable additional functionalities. These apps can then be easily updated, modified and extended. The standard Java code that visual development generates can be modified in any Java-integrated development environment and run in any cloud or on-premises environment—independent of VisionX. Changes made outside of VisionX in Eclipse are synced in real time to the visual development environment, enabling fast and easy development of even complex applications, with absolutely no limits.


Learn more

To learn more, visit the EDB GlobalConnect Technology partner page for SIB Visions and the integration documentation. For additional information on VisionX and the Oracle Forms migration extension, you can visit their website.

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