EDB Postgres Cloud Database Service Released!

November 12, 2018

It’s 2018, and the “year of the cloud” has now become the “decade of the clouds”.  Postgres, similarly, has experienced dramatic growth over this period, and shows only signs of acceleration.

Today’s developers, DBAs and IT professionals are clear in what they want from a Postgres experience: “Make it Simple”, “Make it Powerful”, “Make it Safe”, and “Make it Accessible”.

On November 12th, we’re proud to announce the beta launch of our latest service to Make it Yours. I’d like to introduce you to EDB Postgres’ Cloud Database Service.

Our charter to you with our Cloud Database Service is clear...

Make it Simple - Anyone now can deploy a highly available Postgres cluster in minutes, hosted on the Amazon Web Services platform.  With the Cloud Database Service database template series, it takes only a few keystrokes for you to get up and running. Scale to an organization easily and add users, define teams and insulate databases from one business function to the next.  Need help? No problem. Technical Support is included for each cluster, providing your enterprise with the expertise you need.

Make it Powerful - Scale your database with ease.  Just set your space and connection thresholds, and EDB Postgres will take care of the rest with discrete load-balancing to optimize database performance.  Our template series is tailored to meet your demand - Developer for smaller use cases, Read-Scale for read-intensive data sets, Production for balanced workloads, and Enterprise for large-scale implementations.

Make it Safe - The Cloud Database Service provides a network-isolated environment for your data, walling your traffic off with the AWS VPC feature.  Pay as you go in a PCI-compliant service, and use encryption both in-transit and at rest, with SSL and server-side encryption to keep your data safe on disk.  High Availability is managed via replication across Availability Zones, with backup configurable at any interval you desire. Point-In-Time Recovery windows can be configured based on your Recovery-Time Objectives.

Make it Accessible - EDB Postgres is known for its compatibility with Oracle, and the Cloud Database Service is no different.  Choose EDB Postgres Advanced Server and the resources that are right for your needs, spin up your cluster and go.

So, what are you waiting for?  Starting November 12th, come find out what it’s all about as we launch our North America Beta. Try it today, and receive a $50 credit to the service!


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