Explaining the PostgreSQL Query Optimizer with Bruce Momjian: Webinar Recap

March 29, 2023

If you’re using, or familiar with, the PostgreSQL query optimizer, do you know how to get the most out of it?

In EDB’s recent webinar, Explaining the PostgreSQL Query Optimizer Part 1, EDB Vice President and Postgres Evangelist Bruce Momjian broke down the importance of the PostgreSQL query optimizer: what makes it such a dynamic tool, and how your teams can take full advantage of it to ensure the efficiency of your SQL commands and overall database performance.

It’s essentially the brain of your PostgreSQL database. It’s how your database decides which way to respond to the specific SQL commands your developers, DBAs and IT leaders input. It’s also what makes sure that you’re able to access every piece of data at your disposal with agility, no matter the size or complexity of your PostgreSQL environment. There are an incredible number of ways that teams can leverage the power of the PostgreSQL query optimizer, especially the EXPLAIN command

Tune in to learn how exactly the optimizer achieves its aims and interprets those SQL commands, and how users can harness EXPLAIN to make their fast, responsive and reliable PostgreSQL database even better with a few simple and powerful commands.

Watch part one of this two part series here, and sign up to attend Part 2 “Beyond Joins and Indexes: Explaining the Postgres Query Optimizer” in April!

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