EDB Celebrates International Women’s Day

March 08, 2023
International Women's Day Tile

This International Women’s Day, EDB is celebrating the many women employees that add their creativity, brilliance and expertise to our organization every day. We want to empower and support the #WomenofEDB to grow and strengthen their careers with us. 

Several members of the team shared how EDB supports their wellbeing as an employee and how it has impacted their growth and development.



Name: Rebecca Connell

Title: Senior Director, Global Human Resources

Location: UK

In what ways has EDB supported your wellbeing as an employee?

There are so many! I feel incredibly lucky to work for an employer who grants one Friday off each month as a “Wellness Day.” These days are a great opportunity for us all to sign off and refresh.

EDB also offers employees several platforms for growth and development, including LinkedIn Learning, where we can access a multitude of trainings for our personal and professional development. Also, “Modern Health,” which offers one-to-one coaching and/or therapy, plus mindfulness and stress relieving exercises.

Finally, EDB operates remotely, but with the option of attending an office if you wish. I love this flexible approach to work. It means I can go out for a walk or run every single day, and being able to prioritize my exercise alongside my work is invaluable to me to ensure I perform at my best.

Thank you EDB!



Name: Beena Emerson                      

Title: Staff SDE 2A

Location: Chennai, India

In what ways has EDB supported your wellbeing as an employee?

I have been working with EDB for 7+ years and I find the work environment open, flexible, positive, enriching and supportive. I feel appreciated and motivated to keep growing and improving.

All the managers I have worked under have been understanding and accommodating when I needed some leniency because of my health—hospitalization, maternity leave, etc. 

Everyone here is easily approachable and all your issues get addressed very efficiently.

Wellness Fridays are a major benefit as they give me more time with family and help me work on my hobbies.



Name: Marie Linet

Title: Golang Engineer

Location: Antibes, France

In what ways has EDB supported your wellbeing as an employee? 

I'm quite new to EDB, and the interview process was the first time in my career that I felt truly comfortable during interviews.The team was open minded, kind and took their time to explain everything to me and check how I felt after each. The process was also quick, and I was aware of every step and decision. I felt legitimate and recognized for my knowledge. 

I have now been with EDB for one month—and I recently had a call with my HR business partner to talk about my first month, and receive feedback from the hiring process and how I was embedded in the company. It was nice and very new to me to have HR take the time to hear my thoughts and make an effort to make my transition to EDB as seamless as possible.



Name: Crystal Shaughnessy 

Title: Field Marketing Manager

Location: NA Team / Rhode Island 

In what ways has EDB supported your wellbeing as an employee? 

There's such a positive emphasis on time management that it’s created a natural work-life balance for me. Having the space to step away, and being encouraged by my team to do so, has set the standard for the workplace culture I'll accept, and also for the quality of my work.



Name: Susan Stellmacher

Title: Senior Director, Professional Services

Location: North America 

In what ways has EDB supported your wellbeing as an employee?

EDB has been an incredible driving force in my career growth and professional development.  Since the day I started at EDB, I have been actively supported by senior leaders who have given me challenging opportunities, which have allowed me to accelerate my professional growth and flourish in an extremely collaborative and "all-in" supportive culture. I have received the tools, support and encouragement I need to be successful in a rapidly growing, high-energy environment. It's been extremely exciting and I am honored to be a part of such an amazing company! 


Driving Equality Forward

EDB firmly supports the empowerment of all women across the globe and is dedicated to driving equality forward. Let's use the opportunity of International Women's Day to truly make positive gains for women and girls worldwide.

EDB encourages all women in tech to join our team of hardworking, creative, empowered people—united to innovate and inspire. 

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