Liquibase and EDB extend CI/CD to EDB PostgreSQL Advanced Server

February 18, 2022

Powered by open source innovation and supported by the experts who know it, Liquibase delivers on the promise of CI/CD for the database. With this partnership in place you can now  add EDB Postgres Advanced Server (EPAS) to your CI/CD pipeline along with the many PostgreSQL variants that Liquibase supported previously.

As companies enable and move to a CI/CD release process, the database is sometimes left behind. With Liquibase you can version, deploy, and track PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres Advanced Server database changes quickly, consistently, and reliably in automation.


Integrations designed for developers

Liquibase easily integrates with any deployment tool or approach to unify the release of new application functionality and the database changes on which the application depends. Liquibase also includes capabilities to automate database code reviews in automation to ensure database change compliance and to provide developers writing database changes with fast feedback on the suitability of new changes.

The ease of integration and automated assessment of change compliance and quality drastically accelerates database development and allows it to proceed at the same speed as application development.

EDB enables customers to include the database in their CI/CD pipeline with its Cloud Native PostgreSQL (CNP) operator for Kubernetes. Liquibase provides an additional capability, allowing agility in managing databases that now include PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres Advanced Server, the two Postgres distributions of EDB’s CNP offering.


Learn more

If you would like to learn more about this integration, you can visit the Liquibase landing page in the Partner section of the website and the EDB Docs homepage, where we have published an implementation guide. Visit their website to find out more about Liquibase. 

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