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Announcing BigAnimal: Fully managed PostgreSQL in the Cloud

Postgres software

:EDB Postgres for Kubernetes

Leveraging cloud native Postgres, EDB Postgres for Kubernetes adds speed, efficiency and protection for your infrastructure modernization.

Cloud native principles relieve the burden

By using EDB Postgres for Kubernetes, all of the deployment tasks that are needed when running Postgres and that you have traditionally needed to do manually, are done for you, automatically.

Free up your valuable time to focus on the things that actually add value to your solutions and help give you the competitive edge you need to succeed.


Secure data in-flight, automate patch management, and implement least privilege model


Choose Postgres or EDB Postgres Advanced Server


24/7 global support to guide you on best practices and resolve issues


Accelerate time to market with a solution built for microservice architectures


Run Postgres. The Kubernetes way.

CloudNativePG is the open source Kubernetes operator, originally created by EDB, that covers the full life cycle of a highly available Postgres database cluster with a primary/standby architecture, using native streaming replication.

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EDB Postgres for Kubernetes

Built with cloud native principles in mind

Relying exclusively on the Kubernetes API, EDB Postgres for Kubernetes allows you to manage deployment, high availability, and automated failover from within Kubernetes.

The EDB operator performs all of the database lifecycle tasks previously handled by an operational DBA.

Provides easy access

The Kubernetes Operator covers the full lifecycle of a Postgres database cluster with a primary/standby architecture, using native Postgres streaming replication

Control over deployment

On premises or in the Cloud, EDB Postgres for Kubernetes runs identically everywhere giving you consistent and reliable experiences. This also includes Red Hat OpenShift

Automates healing and DBA

If Postgres breaks, EDB Postgres for Kubernetes restores functionality, protecting failover, switchover, backup, recovery and rolling upgrades

Experience you can trust

EDB is the Postgres leader with 300+ Postgres Technologists, 26 Postgres community contributors, including Postgres founders and though leaders. EDB is a CNCF Kubernetes Certified Services Provider, silver member of CNCF & Linux Foundation, founding sponsor of the Data on Kubernetes Community and has a certified operator for Red Hat OpenShift

Interactive docs

Try EDB Postgres for Kubernetes without having to install anything. Our interactive demo runs right in the browser.

Certfications & memberships

CNCF Kubernetes Certified Cloud Native Services Provider →

Red Hat OpenShift Operator Certification →

CNCF & Linux Foundation Silver Member →

Data on Kubernetes Community Founding Member →


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Get to market faster with the right architecture

Use EDB Postgres for Kubernetes Operator to deploy Postgres or EDB Postgres Advanced Server to any hybrid/multi-cloud environment.

Development and DevOps teams can each have their own database and use our container images to expedite software delivery across test, staging, and production.

Key features

  • Kubernetes API integration for high availability
  • Self-healing through failover and automated recreation of replicas
  • Capacity management with scale up/down capabilities
  • Planned switchovers for scheduled maintenance
  • Read-only and read-write Kubernetes services definitions
  • Rolling updates for Postgres minor versions and operator upgrades
  • Continuous backup and point-in-time recovery


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