Make Your Postgres Cloud Database Journey Easy with the EDB BigAnimal Buying Guide

July 18, 2023

The EDB BigAnimal Postgres-as-a-Service has changed the way you can deploy your Postgres Cloud solution. Whether you use your own cloud account or ours, you’ll benefit from a rapidly deployed, fully managed Postgres-as-a-Service solution. 

BigAnimal provides high availability and geo-distributed data built on an active-active architecture, giving you the ability to run at scale and support mission-critical apps.

We know there’s a lot to consider with Postgres Cloud—our new Buying Guide explains which BigAnimal features meet your critical requirements, including:

  • Database configurations that work for you: BigAnimal offers the configuration options right for you—deploy clusters across regions or availability zones to achieve active-active configurations with multi-write access.
  • Oracle-compatible Postgres: reduce your Oracle migration risks and costs by up to 80% by taking advantage of advanced Oracle features built into BigAnimal, like autonomous transactions, interval partitions, and hierarchical queries. 
  • Cloud of your choice: take a “bring your own cloud account” approach to consume your CSP commits or use the BigAnimal cloud account to get up and running in minutes in a self-service model.

In addition to the walkthrough provided in the Buying Guide, you can start using BigAnimal today with $300 in free credits. 

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