New EDB Professional Services for Postgres

November 25, 2019


The demands are growing ever louder for the IT to become more agile and responsive to the business, but ensuring database implementations are correctly planned, implemented, managed and optimized is challenging. While organizations want to move faster the reliability and security of relational databases remains of paramount importance. The added challenge is that the database architecture is important so pretty much all the key decision makers interact with these systems but their relationships are all slightly different and have unique requirements. 

At EDB, we understand these interconnected engagements with your database deployments and the challenges that come from the need for greater agility. It is why we have created a series of new Professional Services offerings. We have also re-organised our services to reflect the different priorities of those engaged with Postgres.  We have segmented them as follows:

  • Strategy Services: It is vital that senior decision makers, including the CIO, are able to plan their adoption of Postgres. Our Strategy Services help organizations build the business case for Postgres and qualify the technology requirements, cost objectives and business key performance indicators (KPIs). 
  • Operations and Implementation Services: For those directly using Postgres, including IT Operations, Database Administrators and Systems Administrators, EDB provides services to ensure the database is run in line with industry best practices for reliability, high availability and security. We identify the best fit solution for monitoring and alerting the IT team to important events and make recommendations about potential back-up solutions, weighing up the relative benefits and challenges of the different options. Our experts also provide recommendations on architectural designs to meet our customers’ needs for high availability, security and compliance.
  • Optimization and Deployment Services: Developers are increasingly important advocates for Postgres and at EDB we offer a range of services to ensure Postgres can be quickly deployed and optimized for specific applications. Our Professional Services team helps plan a deployment, benchmarking and tuning the Postgres-related infrastructure to ensure it performs at the highest levels. EDB can also provide valuable information as developers consider the size of database they require for new applications, what capacity is required and what impact significant infrastructure changes may have on performance.  
  • Migration Services: Our Migration Services give customers a clear evaluation of their existing database environment and can plot the simplest path to Postgres. Our experts can also identify which databases can be moved with the greatest efficiency and will maximize cost savings.
  • Custom Services: We also understand that databases are often tailored for specific industry and organizational requirements. For such implementations we provide access to a PostgreSQL subject matter expert, who can be onsite to help with the configuration, development and deployment of Postgres. Our project team will also manage the implementation process to ensure it meets measurable objectives while a Technical Account Manager will work closely to maximize the benefits gained from adopting EDB Postgres.  

At a time when Postgres is being adopted everywhere, on-premise and in the cloud, we are excited to see how our Professional Services team can help you drive agility, flexibility and scalability in your adoption of Postgres. I would highly recommend going to our new Professional Services page to find out more information about the services we offer and I would also encourage you to reach out to our team, as they will be best placed to understand which services are most appropriate for you.  


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