Release Radar: Customize Your Backup Retention Periods in BigAnimal

July 12, 2022

The BigAnimal team at EDB is happy to announce that BigAnimal now supports customizable backup retention periods. 

Database backups are an important part of organizations’ ability to protect themselves from data loss. Backups protect your data from hardware and software failures or malicious activity. In case any of these events happens, you can rely on your backup to recover a copy of the lost data.

At EDB, we take backup and recovery seriously: BigAnimal backs up your databases every five minutes and allows you to restore a database to any point in time within your retention period. BigAnimal’s retention periods were previously 30 days by default, but with this latest release you can now choose the number of days, weeks, or months (up to 180 days) that best suits your cluster, data retention policies and budget. You can even edit an existing cluster’s retention period if your needs change.


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