Release Radar: PEM 9.0 UX/UD Improvements

January 15, 2023

We are pleased to announce the release of Postgres Enterprise Manager 9.0. 

Combining management and monitoring in a single interface, Postgres Enterprise Manager (PEM) provides all the tools you need to keep your databases running smoothly. It continuously monitors the health of databases and servers, providing real-time graphical dashboards and automatically raising alerts when issues are detected. The integrated query profiling, performance and log analysis tools make it easy to pinpoint and fix performance bottlenecks.


A new look

PEM 9.0 has been given a UI refresh. The new design aligns PEM with the look and feel of other EDB tools and helps improve visual flow and reduce clutter. This new theme is based on the widely-used material design language, familiar to many users. We have introduced extra whitespace and reduced the use of gridlines in tables to focus on presenting the information users are looking for as clearly as possible. We’ve also introduced colored accents to draw attention to key elements and improved the overall layout.

PEM9.1 Colored accents

Look out for further improvements in PEM 9.1, in which we will be bringing these enhancements to wizards and making additional tweaks to make PEM easier and more pleasant to use.


Improving agent registration

In PEM 9.0, we’ve also made improvements to the agent registration process for customers who need to use their own pre-provisioned SSL certificates for agent authentication. Previous versions of PEM required workarounds as the agent ID required for certificate registration was only allocated immediately before the certificate was required, meaning it was impossible to request certificates in advance as the agent ID was not yet known.

Now, users can specify an agent ID at registration, meaning the ID can be selected and the SSL certificate provisioned prior to agent registration. To specify an agent ID, use the `-o` option when invoking `pemworker` as shown below.

```shell{promptUser: root}{promptHost: pem}{outputLines: 2-8}
/usr/edb/pem/agent/bin/pemworker --register-agent \
--pem-server pemserver \
--pem-user postgres \
--pem-port 5432 \
--display-name agent8 \
-o agent_id=8
Postgres Enterprise Manager Agent registered successfully!

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