Postgres Enterprise Manager

Postgres Enterprise Manager is the best way to manage, monitor and optimize PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres Advanced Server.

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Postgres Enterprise Manager - Your Primary Interface with Postgres

Postgres Enterprise Manager is built to be your team's main interface with PostgreSQL.

Postgres Enterprise Manager is a browser-based console that combines managing, monitoring, and tuning PostgreSQL clusters. Compatible with both PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres Advanced Server, it's included with EDB Standard and Enterprise subscription plans.

Use a Single Interface
One place to visualize and manage everything PostgreSQL

Monitor System Health
Built-in dashboards and customizable alert thresholds

Optimize Database performance
In-depth diagnostics for database reports and tuning

Integrate with Other Tools
APIs and webhooks to fetch data, send alerts and manage servers

Postgres Enterprise Manager is Built on and Extends the Capabilities of pgAdmin

PEM is based on pgAdmin and extends the capabilities of the tool by adding monitoring, analysis and optimisation. PEM is the monitoring and management tool for Postgres projects at scale and a must for enterprises that choose Postgres.

Postgres Enterprise Manager builds on the foundation of pgAdmin and empowers enterprises to take control of their Postgres projects as they scale with your business. Inspired by open source and perfected for the enterprise, PEM continues to grow wherever Postgres takes you.

PEM Integrates with Other Best-of-Breed Tools

PEM's REST API makes it easy to integrate with the tools you're already using.

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