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Postgres Enterprise Manager

Postgres Enterprise Manager is the best way to manage, monitor, and optimize PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres Advanced Server.

Postgres Enterprise Manager in 60 seconds

Postgres Enterprise Manager

Your primary interface with Postgres

Postgres Enterprise Manager is built to be your team's main interface with PostgreSQL.

Postgres Enterprise Manager is a browser-based console that combines managing, monitoring, and tuning PostgreSQL clusters. Compatible with both PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres Advanced Server, it's included with EDB Standard and Enterprise subscription plans.

Use a single interface

One place to visualize and manage everything PostgreSQL

Monitor system health

Built-in dashboards and customizable alert thresholds

Optimize database performance

In-depth diagnostics for database reports and tuning

Integrate with other tools

APIs and webhooks to fetch data, send alerts, and manage servers

Postgres Enterprise Manager is built on and extends the capabilities of pgAdmin

Postgres Enterprise Manager and pgAdmin are built by the same development group. Just like Advanced Server is the superset of Postgres, Postgres Enterprise Manager is the superset of pgAdmin.

As a community focused tool, pgAdmin does the administration of a single Postgres cluster; Postgres Enterprise Manager is aimed at managing Postgres at scale, thus many clusters at the same time with added monitoring and alerting capabilities.

Postgres Enterprise Manager is always in sync with the latest version of pgAdmin, so you never need to worry about keeping up with advancements in open source.

PEM integrates with other best of breed tools

PEM's REST API makes it easy to integrate with the tools you're already using.


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