Release Radar: Spin Up a Region Ahead of Time on BigAnimal

September 30, 2022

We are excited to announce the launch of Regions as a first-class construct in BigAnimal: you can now spin up a Region in advance of provisioning database clusters within that Region. 

With BigAnimal, we manage our cloud service within your cloud account. With the addition of exposing regions we give you the ability to enable specific regions for your teams and organizations. Regions give you the benefit of more granular control over where to deploy BigAnimal clusters.  

In addition, from the new Region page, you can configure the status of your Region and choose to activate, suspend or delete a Region, giving you more control over your environment and cost management. 

This is the first step towards giving you more control over Regions-specific configurations and settings.

To learn more about Regions, see the BigAnimal Docs.


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