EDB Introduces Advanced Tools and Extensions in Postgres 16 Portfolio Release

New Tools optimize compliance, performance, security, and Oracle compatibility

Date -2023-11-09 Location - BEDFORD, MA  

EnterpriseDB (“EDB”), the leader in accelerating Postgres® in the enterprise, today announced its portfolio release for PostgreSQL 16.1, including robust tools and enhancements to EDB Postgres Extended (PGE) and EDB Postgres Advanced Server (EPAS). 

Postgres is the most admired and desired database and the choice for enterprises looking to leave legacy systems and adopt open source alternatives that can support mission critical applications in highly regulated environments. As one of the leading contributors to Postgres, EDB addresses these demands by meeting strict data protection requirements and ensuring sensitive data is adequately protected with flexible cryptographic support for PGE and EPAS. 

"EDB remains at the forefront of fostering innovation within the diverse Postgres ecosystem," stated Chandler Hoisington, Chief Product Officer, EDB. "With the EDB Postgres 16 Portfolio Release, we're unveiling an evolved suite of tools and enhancements, ensuring Postgres remains versatile for our customers' diverse needs. Our relentless commitment to crafting the industry's most comprehensive Postgres toolkit positions global enterprises to recognize it as their go-to database solution." 

The introduction of the Privilege Analysis feature in EPAS significantly streamlines the process of tracing database object access and generating comprehensive reports on both unused and utilized privilege access. This feature enhances the ability to proactively mitigate excess access to database objects, ensuring responsible data management and providing regulators and security teams with detailed reports.

As companies increasingly transition away from Oracle, EPAS plays a crucial role in facilitating this migration by minimizing the necessity for manual rewrites. This is achieved through the implementation of solutions for the most common incompatibilities directly within the EDB Migration Portal.

With this release, EDB also introduces critical advancements with sophisticated role membership controls. This empowers administrators to meticulously manage user activities, extending even to admin-level actions. The update provides enhanced visibility into table and index usage, setting the stage for optimal performance during high-intensity workloads.

Additional highlights of the release include:

  • Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) enhancements leverage Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), a best practice for securing data and helping address regulatory requirements such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and FIPS 140-2. Now, customers can choose AES-128 when performance and power consumption need to be considered and AES-256 to meet regulatory requirements or when looking for maximum security. 
  • Stored Procedure Language (SPL) Check reduces cost and saves time by detecting errors in storage procedure code before production. 
  • Enhanced Oracle Compatibility features expand support to popular Oracle subprograms like DBMS_SESSION, DBMS_SQL, and UTL_File alongside expanded coverage for the most popular SQL functions still encountered by EDB’s Migration Portal, making it likely to reduce significantly code needing to be modified when migrating from Oracle.
  • Enhanced Oracle Compatibility features broaden the support to encompass popular Oracle subprograms such as DBMS_SESSION, DBMS_SQL, and UTL_File. This expansion also includes increased coverage for prevalent SQL functions frequently encountered by EDB’s Migration Portal. As a result, there is a substantial likelihood of reducing the amount of code that requires modification during the migration process from Oracle.

"EDB's latest offering builds upon a robust legacy of innovation and performance, delivering advanced features and improvements that underscore its commitment to making the EDB Postgres family, including EDB Postgres Extended and EDB Postgres Advanced Server, a top tier database solution for enterprises worldwide. With enhanced scalability, security, and manageability, this release exemplifies EDB's dedication to addressing the complex challenges of modern businesses, further solidifying its position as a key player in the open-source database community," adds Carl Olofson, Research Vice President, IDC.

To learn more about EDB’s portfolio release for PostgreSQL 16.1, visit the blog.

About EDB 
EDB provides enterprise-class software and services that enable organizations to harness the full power of Postgres, the world’s leading open source database. With offices worldwide, EDB serves more than 1,500 customers, including leading financial services, government, media and communications and information technology organizations. As one of the leading contributors to the vibrant and fast-growing Postgres community, EDB is committed to driving technology innovation. With deep database expertise, EDB ensures high availability, reliability, security, 24x7 global support and advanced professional services, both on-premises and in the cloud. This empowers enterprises to control risk, manage costs and scale efficiently. For more information, visit www.enterprisedb.com.

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