An Expert Guide to Migrating Legacy Databases to PostgreSQL

This webinar reviews the challenges teams face when migrating from Oracle databases to PostgreSQL. We share insights gained from running large scale Oracle compatibility assessments over the last two years, including the over 2,200,000 Oracle DDL constructs that were assessed through EDB’s Migration Portal in 2020.

During this session, we address:

  • Storage definitions
  • Packages
  • Stored procedures
  • PL/SQL code
  • Proprietary database APIs
  • Large scale data migrations

The session ends with a demonstration of migration tools that significantly simplify and aid in reducing the risk of migrating Oracle databases to PostgreSQL.


Webinar video:



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Webinar Q&A

Q: The hints feature which was mentioned in EDB version of Postgres, I have seen many postgreSQL developers (Simon Riggs, Bruce Momjian) saying that open source postgres itself is intelligent enough to decide which is the best way to execute a query. Why is this feature necessary again if Postgres is able to handle it internally.

A: Sometimes the DBA just knows better ...


Q: Is there a performance difference between open source Postgres and EDB Postgres Advanced Server?

A: They perform at the same level, at least in the benchmarks that we have run. Please refer to 


Q: Do you provide a playbook that shows the match between Oracle features and EDB Advanced Postgres server? If so, can the link be shared?

A: Yes, please refer to 


Q: I use multiple tools and AWS tools,  does EDB have any plans to intro the tools for Oracle to Postgres community migrations?

A: Open source Postgres, and RDS Postgres, do not have the necessary capabilities, such as packages or a native PL/SQL interpreter, to be a good platform for Oracle migrations. 


Q: What are the costs for EDB Oracle compatible Postgres?

A: please contact us at and we will be glad to work with you.


Q: Is ddl_extractor.sql provided by EDB ?

A: Yes, you will find it at 


Q: How do you handle migration related with DBMS_JOBS ?

A: We have implemented the DBMC_JOBS package in EDB Postgres Advanced Server (