EDB Cloud: The Postgres for Enterprises Moving to the Cloud

August 16, 2021

The cloud is complicated, and databases in the cloud are even more complicated. Your most demanding applications require a PostgreSQL built to meet your needs as an enterprise.

We are thrilled to announce the preview launch of EDB Cloud, the only fully managed cloud database service with industry-leading Oracle database compatibility and world-class Postgres expertise, running in your Microsoft Azure account. EDB Cloud supports both PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres Advanced Server. It offers all the enterprise enhancements you need to reliably run PostgreSQL at scale:

  • The fastest way to migrate from Oracle to PostgreSQL. Reduce costs, time, and risks when migrating off legacy Oracle databases. Leverage EDB’s Oracle compatibility and comprehensive migration tools.
  • Greater control of your data and cloud spend. EDB Cloud runs in your cloud account. As a result, you’ll have full transparency and control over your data and you can leverage existing discounts you have with Microsoft Azure. 
  • Supported by EDB’s PostgreSQL fanatics. World-class expertise and support provided by the largest dedicated global PostgreSQL company with 300+ PostgreSQL technologists.
  • Same PostgreSQL in cloud and on prem. Continuity between the PostgreSQL you use in cloud and in your data center drives DevOps efficiency, streamlines PostgreSQL expansion, and allows for seamless migration of your application workloads to the cloud.

EDB is committed to supporting you on your PostgreSQL journey and we can’t wait to see what you build with EDB Cloud!

Learn more about the EDB Cloud preview.

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