EDB Partners with Chemaxon to Expand Scientific Toolset to Postgres

February 15, 2023
Partner Announcement

We at EDB are excited to introduce Chemaxon, a leader in the field of Cheminformatics, as the newest addition to the EDB GlobalConnect Technology Partner Program. Through our partnership, we are enabling our customers to use the Chemaxon JChem PostgreSQL Cartridge with EDB Postgres Advanced Server and PostgreSQL. 

Chemaxon specializes in scientific software tools for data visualization, molecular drawings, and conducting searches on chemical databases. 

Take your chemical data to the next level. 

The Chemaxon JChem PostgreSQL Cartridge is a data analysis tool that helps customers in scientific fields create, manage, and analyze chemical structures and related non-chemical data, and use their findings to derive valuable insights that will benefit their organization. 

Our certification with Chemaxon enables customers to store and manipulate chemical data that is not native to Postgres. It features standardized chemical structures with extra fields to account for numerous physical-chemical properties. 

Learn more: 

To learn more details, visit the EDB GlobalConnect Technology partner page for Chemaxon and the integration documentation.  For more information on Chemaxon, you can visit their website.

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