EDB and HashiCorp Partner to Bring Enterprise Key Management to Postgres for Transparent Data Encryption

July 24, 2023

EDB is pleased to announce HashiCorp as the newest addition to the EDB GlobalConnect Technology Partner Program. This marks an important step forward for EDB, as we recently came out with the Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) feature for EDB Postgres Advanced Server and EDB Postgres Extended Server. HashiCorp Vault allows customers to create, store and secure access to tokens, passwords, certificates, and for this integration encryption keys.

Through our partnership with HashiCorp, our customers can now use HashiCorp Vault Enterprise as an EDB certified key management solution for managing the EDB Postgres Advanced Server and EDB Postgres Extended Server encryption keys used as a part of its TDE feature to encrypt and decrypt the data stored inside the database. 

Ensure that only the right users can see your data. 

EDB customers who want to use HashiCorp Vault Enterprise for their EDB Postgres Advanced Server or EDB Postgres Extended Server database can take advantage of its KMIP Secrets Engine feature, which allows Vault to act as a Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) server. Vault then handles the lifecycle of KMIP managed objects, in this case the encryption keys. 

When companies need to perform cryptographic operations, in the case of EDB Postgres Advanced Server or EDB Postgres Extended Server with TDE, the task of key management is often entrusted to an external provider such as Hashicorp Vault.  Utilizing Vault Enterprise for key management allows for simpler lifecycle management of keys that have been created and distributed within Vault to use with an EDB Postgres database with TDE.

Hashicorp Vault Enterprise offers users a consistent workflow to distribute and manage the lifecycle of keys as a key management provider. Vault Enterprise allows you to secure, store and control the access to sensitive information such as tokens, passwords, certificates, encryption keys and any other sensitive data using a UI, CLI or HTTP API. When you implement TDE with EDB and HashiCorp Vault Enterprise you help keep your data safe through encryption with a scalable system for your external key management requirements.

Learn more: 

To learn more details, visit the EDB GlobalConnect Technology partner page for HashiCorp and the integration documentation.  For more information on HashiCorp Vault, you can visit their website.

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