EDB and Precisely.com Make It Easy to Integrate Data from Legacy Systems

July 25, 2023

While many businesses intend to move to open source Postgres and next-gen cloud platforms, the challenge of integrating data from legacy systems can hold companies back.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that EDB has partnered with Precisely to enable seamless integration of legacy data into EDB Postgres in real time. 

Data scattered across your enterprise in disconnected silos, and different, incompatible formats of data don’t have to be abandoned when you’re modernizing or consolidating databases. With Precisely’s Connect, you can integrate all legacy data and build data pipelines that share changes to application data as they occur. 

Connect “speaks mainframe”

Mainframe application data enhances all types of strategic projects – from advanced analytics to machine learning and everything in between. Yet it can be difficult, if not impossible for some businesses to access, integrate, or migrate mainframe data, as many of these machines have not been built to natively integrate with cloud applications or platforms that exist now. But Connect makes it easy to extract and transform complex mainframe data, so it’s accessible and usable by EDB’s Postgres platform.

Real-time data delivery

Living in a world of delayed data means making business decisions with old information. As a data replication solution that captures and reflects data changes to your analytics and reporting layer as they happen, Connect helps to ensure that your databases are in sync for advanced analytics, reporting, fraud detection, machine learning and data warehousing, and that the data you’re using to make strategic business decisions is accurate and up to date.

With Connect, you can: 

  • Seamlessly integrate data from legacy systems – from mainframe and IBM i to cloud – into Postgres cloud and data platforms 
  • Capture and reflect data changes to your analytics and reporting layer as they happen
  • Stream changes to data instantly for use in downstream applications, data lakes and warehouses
  • Get application data from the mainframe, your cloud, and big data environments and work with it like any other data source – without mainframe skills
  • Preserve your data exactly as it was on the mainframe to meet governance and compliance mandates
  • Quickly and easily add new sources and targets, and deploy in new environments with no redevelopment required

While database modernization and digital transformation look different for every business, the need to access legacy data is critical for every company. EDB and Precisely Connect make it easy to include valuable legacy data in your data integration strategy, no matter where that data resides.

To learn more about Connect and how you can leverage this versatile data access and replication tool, just reach out

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