EDB Makes it Even Easier to Adopt Fully Managed Cloud Postgres as a Service

December 02, 2022

EDB has introduced a new subscription plan for EDB BigAnimal, our fully managed Postgres database-as-a-service (DBaaS). The EDB BigAnimal Community 360 Plan is perfect for enterprise customers looking to benefit from the freedom of open source PostgreSQL and open source tools, backed by Postgres expertise and enterprise-grade technical support.

Now with three subscription choices, EDB has fully managed Postgres offerings for every budget and application need.


What is the Community 360 plan?

EDB BigAnimal Community 360 is a fully managed solution that includes the open source PostgreSQL database and technical support from the Postgres experts at EDB. 

Community 360 includes the ability to rapidly spin up open source Postgres clusters, with support for Postgres versions 11 through 15. You’ll receive the same managed services and support from the Postgres experts at EDB, but at a significantly lower price–Community 360 plan offers metered billing at just $0.0856 per vCPU per hour. And, you can get high availability out of the box just like in our Standard and Enterprise plans. 


How do the EDB BigAnimal subscription plans differ?

EDB BigAnimal Community 360 is ideal if you want to get started with managed open-source Postgres quickly and affordably. In addition to the database, this subscription plan includes our fully managed service by EDB’s Postgres experts, open source management tools and built-in high availability. Plus, you get your choice of cloud provider—currently either Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS). EDB BigAnimal runs in your own account, so it’s easy to sign up and select your preferred cloud. You can even run different apps with different cloud providers if that supports your architecture strategy. There’s no additional charge from EDB to switch between cloud providers should your strategy include a multi-cloud architecture.

BA C360 Pricing Model

The EDB BigAnimal Standard Plan is the next tier. With our Standard Plan, you get the same database and service support as with Community 360, but you also get EDB cloud management tools and access to EDB’s Postgres extensions.

Our most comprehensive subscription offer is the EDB BigAnimal Enterprise Plan. This plan is designed for enterprises who need even more from their Postgres database. With the Enterprise Plan, you get all the Standard Plan features plus EDB Postgres Advanced Server and its compatibility with Oracle, so you can easily move your Oracle-based applications to Postgres with minimal effort.

No matter your needs, EDB has you covered.


Ready to get started? Check out our EDB BigAnimal free trial, or contact us today to get going with the EDB BigAnimal Community 360 plan.

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