EDB Partners With DBeaver to Provide an Expanded Interface for all EDB Users

June 27, 2022

Nowadays databases matter to more than just DBA experts. Developers, architects, data analysts, financial specialists, and managers all need a UI that allows them to accomplish the most vital aspects of their jobs and to access the data they need to do so. 

EDB is excited to announce our partnership with DBeaver to help provide our customers with options to enable these and other valuable capabilities.

Meet DBeaver

DBeaver is an open-source universal database management tool that supports more than a hundred databases and provides a universal interface for data visualization, management and administration. It offers a wide range of powerful out-of-the-box tools to empower your users, including a data grid, advanced SQL editor, visual query builder, ER-diagrams, forward engineering, administration tools, task automation and much more. DBeaver can be integrated into enterprise infrastructures, including cloud environments like AWS. Furthermore, it supports cutting-edge security standards to protect your database. 


Compatibility and ease of use

All DBeaver PRO versions contain the official EDB JDBC driver. You can set up a new connection to EDB Postgres Advanced Server or EDB Postgres Extended with just a few clicks and start working right away.  With DBeaver you will also be able to migrate data from any other data source to your EDB Postgres Advanced Server or EDB Postgres Extended instance.

DBeaver also supports all EDB metadata and data types. It seamlessly integrates with native tools for data transfer and visualization and execution of SQL scripts. In addition, DBeaver offers a wide range of management options to review user behavior, user sessions and permissions. 

Learn more 

To learn more details, visit the EDB GlobalConnect Technology partner page for DBeaver and the integration documentation.  For more information on DBeaver PRO, you can visit their website.

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