How to Run PostgreSQL on Docker

September 17, 2019

Docker is an open source platform where we can create, deploy, and run applications by using containers. Docker is similar to virtual machines (VM), but in VM you need to create a virtual operating system, while Docker allows applications to use the system kernel.

Images vs Containers

PostgreSQL community supports (v9.4,v9.5, v9.6, v10, v11 etc.) Images.

The difference between Images and containers is that Images are simply templates of instructions, and an instance of an Image is called a container.

Here are some helpful definitions:

  • Docker: a tool/platform.
  • Image: an application that we want to create/deploy.  (In this case, we want to deploy the PostgreSQL v. 11.5 (latest release as of August 28, 2019) Image.)
  • Container: runs an instance of an Image (template of instructions).

Read more on Postgres Tutorials for a step-by-step guide to deploying a PostgreSQL Image on Docker 


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