No Time to Waste: Migrate from Oracle to Postgres in Minutes

September 28, 2018

Licensing complexity, rising costs, and audit risk are motivating Oracle customers to jump start their migration efforts to alternative database platforms, like open source-based Postgres. Gartner has recommended that chief data officers and CTOs, “add open-source RDBMSs...for new uses, and to replace commercial RDBMSs where these are not specifically required”, and two of the factors driving that recommendation are low TCO and fast ROI.1

Migration can present challenges. Some organizations are hesitant to move, citing technical, integration, and knowledge risks among the reasons. However, there are a number of the tools and technologies available to help you convert your Oracle database to EDB Postgres with ease.

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Examples include the EDB Migration Toolkit, designed to help organizations migrate Oracle database objects into EDB Postgres Advanced Server, and EDB's Database Migration Assessment program, which evaluates your Oracle databases for migration success. But the latest technology now available is the EDB Migration Portal.

The EDB Migration Portal was made available for beta this summer and we plan to make it general availability later this year. The EDB Migration Portal makes a migration from Oracle to EDB Postgres Advanced Server much easier.

Check out this video demo to view the capability that moves tables, views, stored procedures, and the data from an Oracle standard example to EDB Postgres Advanced Server—done in just a few minutes.

We also have a collection of additional resources for you to explore, including an on-demand webinar, presented by Marc Linster, EDB’s SVP of Product Development, and a Frequently Asked Questions resource about the EDB Migration Portal’s features and functions.


When you’re considering the potential cost savings of moving away from Oracle’s steep licensing costs, every day counts. Plus, EDB Postgres Advanced Server offers a number of compatibility features for Oracle databases—making life easier for DBAs and developers as they make the move. By natively understanding and executing the original PL/SQL without emulation or translation layers, very little code rewriting is required.

1 Gartner, Emerging Technology Trends Create Opportunities for DBMS Cost Optimization, by Donald Feinberg and Adam Ronthal, published April 21, 2016.

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