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Release Radar: Announcing Support for Azure Ultra Disks on BigAnimal

EDB Team7/19/2022
Product updatesCloud

We are excited to announce the launch of support for Azure Ultra Disks on BigAnimal.

Now, when you use Azure as your cloud provider, you can provision your cluster using Ultra Disks and access up to 65 TB and 160,000 IOPS. We’re excited to support this functionality in addition to our existing support for Azure Premium SSD disks. With Ultra Disks, you can scale IOPS independent of the disk, unlike with Premium SSD.   

The launch of support for Azure Ultra Disks marks just the beginning of additional storage options coming to BigAnimal. Soon, if you use AWS as your cloud provider, you’ll be able to select between General Purpose GP3 SSD, io2 and io2 Block Express storage options and access up to 64 TB and 256,000 IOPS. 


To learn more about what storage options we currently support, see the BigAnimal Docs.